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Friday the 21st – Saturday the 22nd of June 2024

Distillers Dinner


Held on the Friday night before Whisky on the Murray.  

An opportunity to enjoy dinner with the distillers and try some of Australia’s best whiskies & be the first to try some pretty special limited releases. 

Guests speakers will be released soon. 

$120.00 per person 


Canapes of arrival 

3 courses matched with an Australian whisky 

Beer wine & soft drinks 

6:30pm – 10pm (doors open at 6pm)


Saturday the 22nd of June from 4pm at Corowa Distilling Co.

After a very successful Whisky on the Murray in 2023 join us for our second whisky extravaganza not to be missed. With over 25 Australian distillery’s, live music & a whole lot more Whisky on the Murray is one whisky festival to add to your social calendar.

Rug up, embrace the winter chill a join us for an evening of all things whisky, fire & smoke.

Ticket price of $25.00 includes entry, Glencairn glass, access to distillery exclusives, complimentary tastings & live music by the Wobbly Boot.
With some distillery’s releasing limited editions specifically for this event.

Food & additional beverages can be purchased on the night


Our Distillery Partners

Corowa Distilling Co Australian Whisky


An award winning whisky distillery on the banks of the Murray River in Corowa NSW. With a unique story of two mates, one buck and an abandoned flour mill, now the official hosts of Whisky on the Murray.

Producing our first whisky in 2018 with every drop of Corowa’s finest you’ll get a taste of true Australia. From the grain we source from local farmer to the people who call it home, we are all about community here at Corowa Distilling Co.

Our core range focuses on bold & complex flavours that unite for a truly unique & distinctive taste. with regular special releases from our single barrel series & dreaded drop, there is a dram for everyone.


Backwoods Distilling Co. is an independent, craft distillery located in the Victorian high country region. Established by Bree & Leigh Attwood in 2017, the distillery produces handcrafted batches of single malt & rye whisky, alongside a range of gins that highlight native botanicals.

With their first whiskies released in 2020, Backwoods have already picked up several prestigious awards, collecting medals at the world whiskies, London spirits awards. In November 2022, Backwoods took out the top trophy for champion single malt whisky at the Australian distilled spirts awards. With an ethos of using 100% Australian grains, local casks & native botanicals, backwoods is proving to be one of Australia’s best small producers of local, artisan spirits.

Corowa Distilling Co Australian Whisky
Corowa Distilling Co Australian Whisky


When I started my whisky journey, I soon realised that I had developed an insatiable appetite to learn, to explore and just to dream all things single malt whisky. As I defined myself further as a craft worker, I developed a mantra that really sums it up for me: “I am a craft worker therefore I am…” simply it means, what I do is a craft, its physical sensory work and it gives me happiness. It fits beautifully with my personal philosophy of, in life you need to have a passion and a purpose to be happy.

Craft works single malt whisky drinkers are people who are interested in the story of a craft artisan spirit, people who appreciate the art, the craft and the exploration of what you can create as a small producer.

I am proud of the spirits I produce, I am proud of the connections I have made and I am proud that I have become affectionately known as craft.


I grow my own rye corn to produce a 100% rye whisky. I built my copper pot still from scratch which is direct fired with biofuel (used cooking oil), from a roadhouse next to my farm.

Hot water is also biofuel heated. My tractors, forklift and truck also run on biodiesel made from the used cooking oil.

The spent mash is fed to the Belgrove sheep. Cooling water comes from my dam and the waste water is either recycled or used for irrigation, including the next rye crop.

Brewing and diluting water is harvested from my roofs – I have a lot of farm shed. Yeast is often reused. The only significant material I bring to the farm is waste cooking oil and the main product to leave is whisky.

Corowa Distilling Co Australian Whisky


Nestled in the Byron hinterland village of Tintenbar, Winding Road Distilling co. is a true artisan family owned and run distillery, launched in 2017 by Camille and Mark Awad. In his role as Winding Roads distiller, Mark makes it his focus and goal to create unique and premium whiskies and rums. He crafts the distillery’s beautiful Hinterland Single Malt Whiskey using all NSW-grown malted barleys and matures the spirit in a curated selection of casks. These expressions are coveted by those who have found them. 

Working seasonally with the surrounding sugar cane harvest, Winding Road also produce exquisite Agricole-style rums. Their Coastal Cane Pure Single Rum is a multi gold medal winning expression, most recently taking home the trophy for Best Rum at the 2023 Australian Distilled Spirits Awards. We invite whiskey lovers at Whisky on the Murray to sample this stunning expression. 

This husband and wife team truly love the craft of distilling and approach the journey like their namesake, never knowing what’s around the next bend, taking risks and enjoying the adventure. 



Murray River Cooperage is set amongst the prestigious Rutherglen wine region, in the tourist town of Corowa, New South Wales. It is nestled right on the banks of the mighty Murray River. Murray River Cooperage is headed up by John Carberry who has been a master cooper in Scotland’s best cooperages for over 30 years bringing with expertise from the UK’s most famed distilleries. John will be doing live demonstrations here on the distillery Saturday evening.
Corowa Distilling Co Australian Whisky
Corowa Distilling Co Australian Whisky


The whisky we make at the Timboon Railway Shed Distillery is a true single malt whisky. We use malted barley as the only grain ingredient processed in our mashing shed. Josh’s inspiration are the great single malts of Scotland and the Isles, so it’s only natural that our whisky is made to the same time honoured traditions. We’ve been making true small batch, Australian craft whisky on site since 2007. In 2020, our first estate barley crop was planted so that we can produce our own grain, a second, much larger still was installed and our own cooperage established.

As well as our single malt whisky range, our portfolio of spirits also include our renowned coffee cream liquor, strawberry schnapps, a classic limoncello, a salted caramel whisky liqueur and a vodka, infused with an Australian vanilla bean.


Situated in Mendooran, 45 mins from Dubbo in Central West NSW, Black Gate Distillery is a small, husband and wife operation established in 2009. We enjoy a rural setting and a climate conducive to aggressive spirit maturation. We produce Australian Single Malt Whisky and Dark Rum which are both brewed and distilled on site. The distillery capacity is around 3000 litres of whisky and about 1000 litres of rum annually. We use direct fired copper pot stills of 630 litres and 300 litres capacity that produce spirit on the richer end of the flavour spectrum. We stick with traditional methods and use the highest quality ingredients and casks available.
Corowa Distilling Co Australian Whisky
Corowa Distilling Co Australian Whisky


At Morris, we have been making world renowned fortified wines since 1859. It’s our barrels that gift us distinctive flavours and a uniquely Australian whisky experience. With a deep respect for tradition combined with an unbridled passion that keeps us curious, it is our vision for Morris of Rutherglen to lead the creation of a distinct new style of Australian Single Malt whisky. At the heart of our distillery is the original 1930s hybrid copper-pot and column still. Awoken from slumber and lovingly restored for distilling MORRIS whisky, she’s known as Aurora after the princess from Sleeping Beauty. MORRIS whisky reflects its regional Victorian provenance. Made with 100% Australian premium malted barley, matured in Barossa and Coonawarra wine barrels which are prepared by hand at the family cooperage, and finished in carefully selected Morris fortified wine barrels.


The distillery was established in 2013 by Stuart and Naomi McIntosh, and after three years of test bed success the first commercial batch of single malt whisky was distilled at the current Somerville location. Whisky is a powerful spirit that forges deeper connections between people, families and generations. In our family whisky has been a common thread throughout the ages. For the past 500 years of our family’s long history, whisky has been at the epicentre of love and laughter, life and death, tears and triumphs.

Like an artist uses inspiration, our natural surroundings and climate have forged an incredible depth and breadth of artisan passion, which is truly unrivalled. From our amazing food producers to superb craft breweries and cideries, gorgeous wineries and a range of artisan distillers, the Mornington Peninsula is truly an incredible mustering of the Food and Drink Gods.

Corowa Distilling Co Australian Whisky
Corowa Distilling Co Australian Whisky


Hamish Nugent and Rachel Reed are owners & creators behind Reed & Co Distillery. As reputable ex-chefs, Hamish & Rachel put quality and balanced flavours at the core of the product and distillery experience. The goal for them is simple, to create great quality drinks that they enjoy, and share them with others. ​Pushing the craft and uncovering and discovering new techniques is where these distillers like to play. That is exactly how it started. Inspired by the surrounding landscape the ex-chefs were experimenting with distillation techniques to manipulate flavour in their dishes using local botanicals. In 2016 they installed their first copper still, Molly, on the premises of their awarded restaurant (Tani). The same botanicals they were using in the plate went on to produce what was then one of the first native bush gins in Australia- Remedy Small Batch.

Since then, they have gone on to produce unique refined and balanced craft spirits like Gin & Juice alternative gin, NEO Yuzu New World Gin, and locally produced Yuzushu and alternative Koji spirits.


Hellyers Road distillery sits on an old exploration track of Henry Hellyer, which once led from Bass Strait deep into the wild, rugged and remote mountains of North West Tasmania. Close to the coast, thick mountain forests gave way to the rich, fertile red soil. It was on this soil in 1956 that a small group of family owned dairy farms joined to form a dairy cooperative.  Home to UNESCO listed pristine air and water, and locals with an appreciation for craft in their blood, they realised this was also the perfect spot for a whisky distillery.  

Hellyers Road Distillery was licenced in 1997 and has since been continuously mashing, fermenting, distilling and maturing all its single malt whisky in the same distillery ever since. Meaning that, while it is of course not the oldest whisky brand Hellyers Road Distillery is the oldest operating whisky distillery in Australia. 

Todays team at Hellyers Road benefits from the foresight of their founding distillers who laid down whisky early on and set them aside for long term maturation.  Today, Hellyers Road Distillery houses an unrivalled share of Australia’s oldest single malt whisky. 

An easy 30 minute drive from Devonport, the Hellyers Road Visitor Centre, which has over 35,000 visitors yearly, offers breathtaking countryside views, an educational whisky tasting experience and delicious bistro food offerings which will surely make your North West Tasmanian experience a memorable one. 

Corowa Distilling Co Australian Whisky


Launched in 2018 Karu Distillery by husband and wife team Nick and Ally, the focus has always been to create quality spirits that highlight the science and art of the distillation process. Based in the Devils Wilderness NSW the range has grown to include Affinity a contemporary Australian gin, Lightning a navy strength gin, Morita a chipotle vodka and Outcask a golden rum. Karu is one of Australia’s most awarded distilleries, in 2021 Lightning gin took out the Trophy for best contemporary gin at the International Wines & Spirits Competition.


Bellarine Distillery was established in 2015 by Russ Watson & Lorelle Warren and is the first Distillery on the Bellarine Peninsula. The idea originated as most great ideas do, after a couple of beverages. Having visited Scotland in 2012 and the romance of the highlands, the concept of starting our own distillery seemed like a good idea. It took a further 3 years to take delivery of our 1st still “Ronald” then another 3 years to complete work on our distillery door and open to the public. We discovered the property which now hosts “The Whiskery” our distillery door for Bellarine Distillery in 2014. We currently grow a range of botanicals on the property for our own use and we combine these and other Australian botanicals with the finest flavours the world has to offer to create our individually unique gins. Our whisky is being barrelled on a regular basis and maturing nicely.
Corowa Distilling Co Australian Whisky
Corowa Distilling Co Australian Whisky


Founded in 2015, Riverbourne Distillery is a boutique distillery based in Jingera, New South Wales. Head Distiller, Martin Pye, runs a two person show, mashing, fermenting, distilling and ageing his range of boutique whiskies and rums with the utmost attention to detail, while his wife Eileen does the bottling, labelling, paperwork and distribution. The natural spring waters, climate and mountainous environment produce spirits with a unique flavour profile distinctive to the region. The distillery currently has over 8000 Litres of rum and whisky ageing in French and American oak casks (a minimum of 3 years) and have different representations of whisky available now with a Rye whisky just before Christmas.


The Bridge Road story begins in the year 2000 when young Beechworth native Ben Kraus, packed his bags for Europe to learn more about the world and the art of making wine. Along the way he got distracted on the ski slopes of Austria, met his wife Maria and ended up working at a traditional microbrewery in Innsbruck. Winemaking quickly took the back seat, and Ben returned home a brewer (with Maria) determined to bring some quality to what was a bland beer scene in Australia. 

In 2005 they opened the first interaction of the btrewery in Ben’s dads shed on Bridge Road in Beechworth move forward to 2024 Brisdge road’s Beechworth HQ features a 240 seat taproom, pizzeria, and a 25HL brewhouse. Bridge roads success, built on a foundation of har work by Ben & Maria. is a reflection of their strong values – The importance of independence, authenticity & quality. 


Our home is in the bowels of the Braidwood Hotel which is over 170 years old. We are a veteran owned and operated business and highly focused on supporting the community of Braidwood and any other good cause. With over 70 years of combined maritime service it was a natural reason why we have kept a nautical theme to our name and label. We have a passion for crafting exceptional quality Whisky, Gin, Vodka and Liqueurs. We remain true to our craft with everything man handled in the production to hand written labels. Our 500L still called Johne. Which is a 4 Stage Column Still with a hybrid heating system of either direct steam or electric water bath. This gives us a balanced & uniformed heating around the boiler eliminating the burning or scolding of botanicals or wash. This in turn bring a better extraction of flavour from the botanicals and allows us to have a more unique profile in our production. Also this gives us exceptional fusion of flavour with our spirit, allowing us to have a better bodied Gin. Our process is unique in approach as it’s a combination of a variety of processes from around the world.
Corowa Distilling Co Australian Whisky


Crafted and bottled in the legendary river port town of Echuca Moama, Echuca Distillery produces award winning Gin, Vodka, Agave, Whisky and more. Twin brothers Peter & David De Vries run operations at the Distillery including the manufacture of all products from raw materials to finished product. 

Echuca Distillery will be offering their Agave Spirits during the 2024 Whisky on the Murray event. Premium Agave Spirits (including Tequila, Mezcal and Agave Spirit) are seeing unprecedented growth globally. Our Agave Spirits are a classic Mexican inspired spirit that we produce by fermenting high quality, 100% Blue Weber Agave Nectar which is subsequently double distilled. A number of our Agave Spirits have recently awarded Gold & Silver medals at the San Francisco Wolrd spirits Competiton. 


Our small batch craft distillery is nestled in a small coastal village known as Blind Bight on the shores of Westernport Bay Victoria Australia. We take pride in hand selecting only the finest malts and barrels from all around the world. A large portion of our barrels are antique that have soaked fortified wines for around 50 years before we re-cooper them ready for filling with our exceptional new make spirit. We hope you enjoy our amazing whisky with its unique Australian coastal influence. 


David Bakers path to becoming the founder and head distiller of Bakery Hill Distillery was non-linear at best. After spending his childhood years conducting science experiments in the inner east of Melbourne, few were surprised when David went on to study biochemistry at university. 

Post graduation David set his sights on becoming the only Single Malt Whisky producer on mainland Australia. He believed that if you understood the chemistry and could adapt to local conditions it must be possible.  So thats exactly what he did. 

In 1999 at the age of 50 David launched Bakery Hill Distillery and took the first stept towards creating a family legacy in the craft spirits industry. Davids two adult sons, Andrew & Matthew are an integral part of the Bakery Hill team, and he has four grandchildren who he hopes may one day become third-generation whisky distillers. 


Our Whisky is Isolation is an Independent Whisky Bottler. 

But they don’t do simple barrel picks. 

They collaborate with boutique, Australian distilleries to create distillery firsts & limited editions that are a little bit different. All their whiskies either start from scratch or are created by marrying casks, put through a secondary maturation process – or a combination of the three. 

But it is not experimentation for experimentation’s sake. The ultimate aim is to always create “Just Great Whisky”. The origins for founder Justin Farmer started during the global pandemic. Encouraged by his wife to pursue his passion for whisky & writing, he started an online blog.  Isolation in fact led to more connections with people than he could ever imagine as he shared stories, reviews and this passion with other people across Australia and the world. It was through this medium that he started speaking with boutique Australian distilleries and started formulating ideas about how he could further champion & celebrate local whisky. 

Utilising their skills and expertise, the first cask was laid down in Easter 2020. To date, Whisky in Isolation has released 8 whiskies with distilleries across Australia. At Whisky on the Murray, you will have the opportunity to try a number of these, as well as get an exclusive first taste of their newest release that won’t be unleashed until July. 


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