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Sherry Cask - 46% ALC/VOL 500ml

Private Notes

Sweet flavors and floral notes married together in a sherry cask.


Categories: Special Releases


Floral and sweet caramel with hints of honey and oak.


Soft notes of caramel and honey moving into soft spice.


Soft lingering oak flavours with sweetness.
Product Description

Did we actually read someone’s private diary? In a word: Maybe.

But let’s consider the facts: it was the diary of one of our nation’s greatest founding fathers, Sir John Quick. And it holds the key to understanding the history behind our country’s federation. But still, long nights are spent pondering the great and pressing question of Australian politics – something that a notebook from Sir John Quick can’t even solve.

Matured in an apera (sherry) cask, this light and delicate whisky offers lingering notes of oak and sweetness. The first nosing takes you back to a time when the smell of freedom filled the air. Upon first sip, you’re transported back to Quick’s glory days of rallying our town and building momentum. What a tasty time to remember.


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