It begins with the barley

We’re very specific about the type of barley we use. Small but mighty, it creates the flavour that defines our distinctive Corowa character. Using traditional varieties that have now become scarce, we use barley that was once exported to Scotland. We source organic grains from Dean’s family farm and work with local farmers who have been harvesting the land for generations.

Next, you add water

There’s a little bit of Murray in every bottle. Starting from the pristine snowy mountains of the Great Dividing Range, the famous Murray River flows past Corowa on its 2,500km journey. Lending some of its purity to the whisky, the river imparts something special into the flavour of our drop.

And then you wait...

Cold nights and hot days make the ideal climate for maturing whisky. Thankfully, Corowa is blessed with both. Our temperature changes at least 15°C each day, allowing the spirit to naturally mature at a faster rate and extract flavors the rest of the world can’t. These extreme temperatures bring exceptional complexity and character to our whisky in a time-frame that’s the envy of many other distilleries.

It’s our fresh take on a
centuries-old craft

Corowa is a dichotomy. With its traditional farming heritage, we brought the age-old art of whisky distillation to town. We turned the historical flour mill into a world class distillery and then employed one of the youngest head distillers in the country to look at this ancient craft through fresh eyes. We’re bringing to life the next generation of this spirit and work with distilleries the world over for a truly global perspective on the future of Australian whisky.

And the final result?

Whisky as whisky should be. Effortlessly smooth, full of proud heritage and authentic flavour – where the key to its success lies in the raw ingredients and the people who enjoy its company.

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