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The Ben Buckler

Most of us would have a bucket list, a collection of wild & wacky ideas to get through in our lifetime. Some slip through our fingers, thankfully this one didn’t.

Larry emdur approached us back in 2020 with the dream of creating a special whisky for his family & friends and we were happy to help him tick this one off his list.

Working closely with head distiller beau schilg, larry was able to develop his signature flavour that ended up tasting so good, we’ve decided to release it into our range ahead of his 6o birthday.

The Ben Buckler combines ex tawny port & bourbon barrels to create a single malt whisky that has approachable sweetness & deliciously savoury character.

40% ALC/VOL - 700mL


Raisin toast with sweet floral peat
Campfire + toasted marshmallow
Lemon peel + oak wood
Citrus cheese cake
Allens banana lollies
Toast + Marmalade
White pepper spice
Sweet custard
Baked apple
Long soft finish
Creamy almonds
Corowa Distilling Co Australian Whisky Logo

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