First, let’s set the scene...

Corowa. A town that’s steeped in rich history since the 1840s. It was named the ‘birthplace’ of Australian Federation after our people began the movement towards a united country. Sums us all up, really. We’re a passionate bunch who make sure everyone’s voice gets heard.

The Rise and fall of a local icon

By the banks of the Murray River, Corowa’s Flour Mill built our town from the ground up. Exporting grains across the country and around the world, she was a powerhouse. Until her doors shut in 1970 and the building was left to decay. It was the end of an era and our whole town felt it.

40 years later, we shared
a drink and a dream

When two men with a love of footy and a passion for whisky meet, something beautiful happens: an idea to turn the town’s abandoned flour mill into a world-class whisky distillery. Ambitious? Yes. A little nuts? Maybe.

And then we bought it for $1.
No really, we did

When a small town unites, big things happen. The council sold the old mill to us for a buck and a promise: to bring it back to life and put our little town on the map. And our community have become just as much a part of our whisky as the distillery, the ingredients and the land itself.

Because home is where our heart is

In every drop of Corowa’s finest, you’ll get a taste of true Australia. And that’s the way it should be. From the grains we source from local farmers, to the water we pinch from the Murray River, and our copper stills handmade right here, we’ve always supported local.

And whisky is where our passion lies

We’ve travelled across the world to master our craft and train under top distillery experts. From the Scottish highlands to the Tasmanian mountains, we’ve brought back their secrets and made it our own. Looking at this ancient craft through fresh eyes, we’ve captured its essence and created new processes for a refreshingly new take on whisky.

So pull up a chair and join us

Experience Corowa and become part of the journey, one that matters more than any destination. That’s because it’s building our communities, igniting our passions and paying tribute to the land we live on. Go on, have a taste of our unique blend together with good company and even better stories.

Meet the team behind it all

Our great Australian whisky is crafted by people just like you. Born and raised in the heart of Corowa, they’ve got a few stories to tell.

The Local Farm Boy

A maker of great whisky. Drinker of it too. As Managing Director, Dean’s passionately pursuing his quest for the best-tasting whisky around served with honesty, simplicity and no BS. And although he’s in charge, it never feels that way with a team as excited about the distillery’s future as he is.

The Dreaded Distiller

Meet our head distiller, Beau. He’s probably not the kind you’re used to as one of Australia’s youngest head distillers. Together with his love of whisky, expert craftsmanship and youthful exuberance, Beau’s setting the scene for the new modern world of whisky. He loves what he does and he’s bloody good at it too.

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