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Our final release of 2020, what an interesting year, filled with great whisky.

We’ve enjoyed taking you on our journey filled with a diverse range of single barrel releases to truly find a single malt match for everyone whilst exploring the opportunities unique barrels, maturity and grain type can deliver you all and to simply, have a bit of fun with it.

Our latest release is perfect for Christmas and will be hitting the shelves and the website this Saturday at 10:00am.

When we say perfect for Christmas, we don’t just mean as a gift.. this single barrel release has matured in a 100L American oak red wine / bourbon cask for a little under 3 years, bursting with sweet earthy tones and a touch of red wine that is perfect for the holidays.

It Batch No. 70 for Corowa Distilling Co and Cask 250. This is a 163 bottle release and we cannot wait for you to try it!

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Earthy tones with hints of smoke and vanilla


Oak, Tannis influence from red wine, earthy oak


Long with hints of smoke

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