Pedro Ximenez Cask - 46% ALC/VOL 500ml

Quick’s Courage


Courage. It takes a handful of courage to stand up, to speak out, and a great big deal of it to change a nation.

It was 1893 and our little town, Corowa held the hope that one day our colonies would be united. That dream ended when it suddenly became true.

Sir John Quick was the most courageous man we knew. Standing tall in the face of adversity, he passionately pursued his quest towards federation and gave power to the people. And that’s why we’ve named this rich whisky after him.

First, it was matured in an American Oak Bourbon barrel before spending its final months in Spain, soaking up the exotic flavours of Pedro Ximenez, a sweet aged sherry. This drop is as bold as the man we named it after and the combination of butterscotch, oak and sherry sweetness acts as our reminder to live every day with passion and dare to make a difference. Well, imagine that: a bottle of whisky making you rethink the way you spend your days.

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Spice balanced with, honey, pear and oak.


Deliciously sweet with nutty hints of butterscotch and toffee.


Long and sweet with vanilla and oak.

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